Shall everybody follow fashion?

An answer is yeas and no. If you are kind of a girl who like princess and wearing pink and very subtle clothes you should not change it. Most important think is to feel comfortable in your clothes. Models supposed to be an icon of fashion but it does not mean that you should follow blindly every new fashion. You can not follow celebrities; especially women are wearing tiny clothes on them. They are usually surrounded with their securities and moving only by car. Can you imagine getting on to your car dressed in transparent top with no bra or with trousers and just bra? Can you imagine walking dressed like models or celebrities on the street? Celebrities are showing off like that only at TV, privately they will wear common clothes, unless there would be some set picture session and they would dress and put make especially for photo session.

At the moment paparazzi started taking pictures of stars in unexpected moments. We can see them in normal daily clothes as we are wearing for work or shopping and in dirty clothes.

You should create your own fashion, you can observe others, use their clothing suggestions but only if you will look in these clothes.

Slim woman or man

If you are slim it does not mean that you won’t have problem in finding clothes for you. You can have even more problems as your body has sharp shape.

Normal build woman or man

This is the best structure of the body. It is a build which you should have as it will be easy for you to buy clothes and you will just look nice and healthy. It is not always good to be too slim.

Large man or woman

If you are just very tall and obviously have big feet and other parts of body you can consider custom made clothes, but only if you can order them in a shop in which they are sewing and selling them – the price will be the same then.

If you are overweight you can also order custom made clothes.

Matching colours not only for girls

Nowadays pattern colours are very fashionable. They are recommended to everybody as they look really alive and lovely. There are a few rules how to wear pattern clothes to look best in them. You should have at least 2 pattern matching items, for example tiger top and tiger hand bag ( tiger pattern is special pattern which does not look best when you are wearing only 1 tiger pattern item), shoes in flowers and a scarf, checks shirt.


You can wear men or women’s shirt in any pattern without wearing any other matching item


Any shoes should be matching. You can not wear white shoes if your all clothes are dark. If you are wearing checks shoes, bright colour shoes like red, yellow or green, tiger pattern shoes… – if you are wearing them you should wear other item cloth matching.

Best colours for summer

Summer is a warm year season. You will look best and feel best in colours like white, pink, light blue or pink, you can also wear pattern colours especially the ones reminding about summer.

Best colours for winter

Winter does not have any special colours; you can wear any colour in which you feel comfortable.

Men section

If you do not like white colour as clothes colour for summer, you do not have to wear it. You can wear colours like blue, green or yellow. If you love wearing jeans, maybe you should change them for shorts or wool trousers. Jeans are not best choice for summer as you will just feel very hot in them and uncomfortable.

Summer underwear

If you are going to the beach or just to swimming pool or a lake, you can have bikini on you already, even if it will be visible for others (assuming that you will be only travelling in it to the place where is water). If you are a woman and do not feel comfortable wearing 2 parts swimming suit, get a 1 piece swimming suit. Remember you do not have to follow blindly others and you should choose only those clothes in which you will comfortable.

How couples should dress?

If you think that it is okay to dress in your way when you are going out with your girlfriend or boyfriend I will have to confuse you. When you are going out with somebody you should make sure that your clothes suit to your partner’s clothes.

If your partner or a friend has sport clothes, you should also wear sport clothes or your partner should change a clothes for the kind of which you are wearing. Fashionable clothes from time to time.

You do not have dramatically change your style, it is okay if you will just do a few changes. If your girlfriend is dressing smart clothes, you can leave sport shoes and T-shirt but your sport trousers should go to storage room and you should wear something more suitable like casual (but not sport), casual-smart or smart trousers, even jeans will be okay.

If you still want to wear clothes in your style, just propose to your partner that you will be also wearing your style clothes and the day when you will wear them he/she should follow your fashion.

Dressing general rules

You do not have to agree with your every partner’s suggestion as they can be sometimes wrong. Before listening to your partner think properly about its suggestions if they are right. If you are going on any special occasion or important occasion like wedding, interview or just going to church you have to dress smartly, even if you do not really like it.

No exceptions

There are no clothing exceptions for special events like a wedding or interview. Suit, men’s shirt for a men and smart dress or skirt and top for women are must. If you are going for a wedding as a groom or bride you have to follow traditional rules.

Clothes for a bride:

If it is traditional wedding you should wear a white dress. If it will be a casual wedding, you can wear just smart clothes, but remember to choose them properly.

Clothes for a groom:

Firstly you should find out what your bride will be wearing to not be overdressed or to casual dressed. The rules are the same as for bride, if it is going to be a traditional wedding; you have to have a suit, white men’s shirt and smart shoes. If it will be casual wedding you still need to look smart but you do not have to choose very properly your clothes and you can forget about suit’s men’s jacket and wear also different than white men’s shirt if you wish.

Your dressing style is showing your personality

Your clothes are not only some visual design. Others can find out what kind of person you are, what are your beliefs, even religion and if you are gentle, caring, sensitive or straight and selfish, controlling yourself person. You can find out the person’s character and personality by looking at clothes colours and clothes style.

Recognising person’s personality by looking at clothes colours

– If a person who’s personality you would like to find out is wearing white and bright colours but not flashy colours it means that person is very reasonable, calm and caring person who does not like doing anything for public (to show off and shine)

– If the person is wearing flashy colours it means that she/he wants to show off and be in the centre. This is not best feature as the person is directing himself thinking how others will see him, not if moves are good and not hurting for others. This kind of person won’t make a good wife or husband as it will put showing off above other important things like having family, staying at home with family and doing not always clean, beautiful and fancy things.

– If the person is always wearing black colour clothes, it means that he/she is a person, who likes keeping their memories for long time and does not want to move to the future. The past will always determine her/his actions.


If person whose character you would like to find out is wearing special type of clothes because of job purposes, you can not read from his/her clothes style any features. The clothes style is not her/his clothing style but it is just something what she/he has to follow blindly.

Clothes style

If the person is always wearing black colour smart clothes, not because of job, it means that he likes to have everything tidy and in order but also that sometimes he/she wants to be to perfect and he/she will give to much of himself/herself.

If the person is wearing always scruffy clothes it means that the person is scruffy, messy and it can be also type of a big baby or loner but it could be also very talented person who is not thinking about these kind of small things and do not care about other’s opinion as he knows that it is above others with his own world.

Fashion and style tips for slim, skinny and athletic men

Maybe you think that men with small sizes do not have any difficulties in getting right clothes for them. They have as much difficulty as other men, if actually no more as their body shape is very sharp.

The great news for slim, skinny or athletic build are that at the moment it is very popular to get at the same price custom made clothes, if you will order them from the shop where clothes are produced by it, not bought from other seller. Apart of that clothes market has grown substantially and we have much more variety in fabric, colours and cuts across which you can easy find something for yourself. Although it may be easier then a few decades before to get ideal clothes for you, there are a few tips which will help you to do your best choices.

Style and Fit

It is invaluable to know general information when you are choosing which clothes you should pick up and pass on, when you are in gentleman’s process.

You will do well while considering flat-front dress trousers and casual trousers. This cut will be trimmer in the waist and seat so it won’t look rumpled and sloppy.

While wearing men’s shirts consider only those good qualities. If they will be slightly too large choose only those which are marginally too large. The same rule goes for purchase a suit of clothes.

You should definitely avoid skinny jeans. They are stylish only in certain subcultures but certainly not amongst mainstream. You should never ever consider them as a part of your serious clothing.

Assuming, it is very important for a slimmer men to choose fitting clothes and purchase only those that really so fit instead of buying standard-fit men’s shirts that balloon you or trousers that could house 2 legs instead of one. Remember that you should make an advantage of being slim

It is most important that slimmer men pay attention to fit, and purchase clothes that truly do fit instead of purchasing standard-fit shirts that balloon outward, or pants that could house two legs in one. Remember that it is in your advantage to be slim and you should make it your advantage and expose it nicely.

Gaining your mind balance by wearing appropriate clothes

Many people including men have complexes about their body. You should find your balance between your appearance and way of dressing.

If you think or you have sticking out belly, too big hips or bum this is not the end of world just finding appropriate clothes for you. Ideal figure is a contractual, for you ideal can be 90 centimetres waist and for somebody else 70 or maybe 110 centimetres. Do not compare yourself with others; just think that you are the one perfect one. Find clothes suiting best you.

Clothing tips for slim, skinny and athletic men

If you think that it is easy to get small sizes you are wrong. Small sizes men have as much difficulty as men with large sizes or even more difficulties. Slim people have sharp bodies and it is quite difficult to find clothes for them which will suit to their figure.

Best way for slim people is to order custom made clothes, especially because they are at the same price if you will order them from the shop where they are produced.

Great news are that at the moment the market has more great deals in both fabric, colours and cuts, that would best suit to your figure and personal style.

Clothing tips for larger men and body builders

If you found that your size is larger than typical sizes and you found it difficult to purchase clothes for your size, you should not worry about it. You just need to seek out alternatives that best fit.

Finding comfortable and best suiting clothes is challenging for all men. It can be very frustrating to not be able to find clothing for them. First step in improving yours personal image and wardrobe’s clothing is finding your right size. Remember you have to be honest with yourself, are your bodily measurements and then check what size you are.

It is good idea to ask your friends in which size you look best.

Summer fashion not only for clubbing and men

Summer is coming very quickly and you are wondering what kind of clothes you can wear. Summer is a special period when you can go out of  your job clothing requirements. You will still need to keep your style, if you are working in the office or customer service where your look is very important you will still have to look smart but instead of long sleeves men’s shirt you can wear short sleeves one.

Clothes for office:

If summer is very hot this year I am sure that your boss won’t mind if you will show a little bit more than usual. You can go ahead with short sleeves man’s shirt and take off jacket. In some offices there are different dress codes during summer and during the rest of seasons.

Casual summer clothes

Show to others that summer is coming with big steps. Change your boring clothes for summer colours like men’s shirts in flowers, with picture of beach, sea, coconuts or others things which can remind you holidays and summer times.

Examples of summer clothes:

Every summer is different so before deciding what clothes you will wear look outside the window to check weather. If weather is very nice wear shorts, T-shirt or men’s shirt if you are a guy or summer dress made of thin material, a shirt and top, everything in summery patterns like flowers, beach, birds, sea, and coconuts. Choosing bright colours is a must as you would feel very hot in dark clothes.

Summer weight loosing:

Summer is a special period when most of us are thinking about loosing weight to be able to show more of your body as it is hot and not convenient to wear long dresses, skirts or shorts. If you are one who would like to gain a few sizes less go on. You do not really need to make a big afford, just start being more active. Instead of going to a pub and grabbing a beer choose walk in the park or jogging.